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More than Reiki Exchange 

Saturday 21st March 10th - 5pm 2015

Kikoh Reiki Ryoho based in the Dublin Holistic Center would like to to invite you to our 'More than Reiki Exchange' to bring together all RFI practitioners all levels and people with a like minded nature into a day long group forum hosted by Shinpiden Teacher Mike Mannix for all who are also involved in energy practice.

1. This full day Reiki refresher exchange commences from 10 am - 5pm on Saturday 21st March in an elegant and beautiful historic Georgian building on Dublin's South William Street, where we can all come together for an entire day in a relaxing, informal, harmonic environment, so please bring your slippers.

2. There will be focused traditional Japanese Kokyu Ho breathing and Kikoh grounding techniques and meditations throughout the entire day along with many, many, hands on treatments.

3. You can receive amazingly powerful and uplifting Reiki treatments from more than one practitioner, sometimes up to 6 practitioners if you wish.

4. There will be an open discussion policy where everyone can engage with Mike and the entire group on their journey so far, whilst also engaging in powerful distant group healing towards friends or loved ones who need some postive healing vibes. You will be able to submit names or events on paper that you wish us all to focus on (Anomalously} and collectively we can all focus on their highest good. - This is a very powerful manifesting system also -

5. If you wish, you can bring food for lunch so we can all eat and share together, and if you bake or cook or just want to bring anything you've created, we can uplift the foodstuffs with positive Reiki vibes and the water before consuming, and enjoy an informal leisurely lunch.

More Then Reiki Exchange Event

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