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Reiki Refresher Courses


Our Reiki refresher course's are open to anyone from any Reiki school (Dojo) or any level, who wishes to upskill and reconnect with their original teachings.


The Reiki refresher course's are held in the Dublin Holistic Centre, and usually start at 10AM - 5PM. Our Reiki refresher course's are also certified.


Individual Course's on offer are :


Shoden Reiki Level 1 - 100 Euro


Okuden Reiki Level 2 - 100 Euro


Shinpiden Reiki Level 3 - 150 Euro


Or a combination of either -


Shoden/Okuden Level 1/2 - 150 Euro


Okuden/Shinpiden Level 2/3 - 200 Euro


Shoden/Okuden/Shinpiden Level 1/2/3 - 250 Euro


Shoden - Okuden together or Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden. To qualify for a place you must have the relevant certificate for each level you hold, as you will be asked for proof.


If you are interested please either call or email us from the contact tab here




A deposit of 50 Euro ( Non Refundable) is required to hold your place please click here                                     to pay your deposit








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