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Jane Feighery
Relationship Manager UK/IRE at LinkedIn

Following my first ever Reiki session (with Mike a couple of weeks ago), I floated out of the treatment room and decided immediately to sign up for Mike's 'Reiki Shoden Level 1' weekend. Mike has been practising Reiki for the last 10 years, and is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher. His personal dedication and zeal for the subject is infectious, and kept us hanging on his every word throughout the entire weekend. His teaching style is interactive, and there was a good mix of theory and practice in the classes, which enabled me to come away feeling like I can both discuss the origins and concept of Reiki as well as practice the basics on myself and others. I would thoroughly recommend signing up for classes with Mike! I hope to go back and do my level 2 in several months time

Mireya Semelas

Project Manager, Product Operations


I graduated from one of Mike's Shoden Reiki Level One training courses this year. One of the things I really liked and that differs from other courses, is the reduced number of students. We were only 5, which allowed Mike to spend time with each one of us, answer all of our questions and provide valuable feedback and personalisation. There was a lot of follow up after the course and he is always keen to answer any questions or provide more information via email after the course. Mike's expertise is deep and I would strongly recommend his courses

Isabela Cardoso

Global Customer Education Consultant


I have never met someone as passionate about Reiki and teaching it as Mike. He is extremely knowledgeable and his classes are really interesting. Mike is also very kind and inspiring! He is willing to share his knowledge and he is open to new learning and also feedback. His enthusiasm and passion make his classes just amazing!

Vanessa J
Customer Adviser

I've been receiving Reiki treatments and teachings from Mike who is such a qualified person, very open-minded and who really knows how to make you feel fully at ease since the beginning. He is very clear in his explanations and procedures that makes all flow sooo easily to you. He has such a deep consistent knowledge which he is always willing to share with you. He loves as well investigating and going beyond his limits to keep opening to new learning. I truly believe that a person so passionate about his job could inspire anyone. He is one of these practitioners who generously shares his great energy, his enthusiasm and his positive attitude with all. I shouldn't forget to mention that he's very grounded too which is really important to give sense to the whole. I definitely recommend him to anybody

Anne Hughes

Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Naturopath at Dublin Holistic Centre, D.2 and The Clontarf Holistic Centre, D.3


I've gone to Mike for a great relaxing kikoh reiki experience, it's hard to sum up what he did during my session as it was such an interesting mix of massage, facial, and energy work. (I was actually a little sceptical about a guy being able to do a facial I have to admit, but that part was wonderfull too!)

He's a very nice guy, puts you at your ease instantly and I left the excellent treatment session feeling both invigorated and relaxed. Becuase of that I'd definately highly reccomend a treatment with Mike to friends, family and colleaugues and anyone considering going to see him

Ty Richardson, PhD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, YoPro Global Inc.


In the time that I’ve known Mike, Mike has been truly dedicated to his passion. Mike takes business and turns it into an art-form. In his business, there is nothing more positive or worthwhile. Mike has truly taken Kikoh Reiki in Dublin to new heights and I consider him a savvy business man for it. He is a skilled marketer, networker and genuinely a warm, good-natured person. I am honored to recommend Mike for business and as a personal contact.

Maria Radford

Airlines/Aviation Professional


I had kikoh reiki done twice this year, and came out feeling wonderful and relaxed I would reccomend Mike to anyone.He is a wonderful peaceful person and i look forward to my next visit...

Emma Carry

Service Delivery Manager


Mike was a facilitator on a Reiki training session I attend. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about Reiki. He is a natural healer and a very caring and kind individual. i would have no hesitation in recommending him

Michael O'Sullivan

CEO at


Michael is hardworking, experienced and highly personable. He is focused on the work he does and gives great value. I would recommend him to anyone and can insure his reputation

Sophie Ducrot

Graphic Designer, Multimedia Consultant and Event Manager


I had few reiki sessions with Mike Mannix and always left feeling like a new person! I will highly recommend his services...

Sarah carroll

Music Teacher at Newbridge School of Music


From Sarah's mother Vicki 2011
"Following a bout of swine flu and a bad fall in early January I was diagnosed with viral Vertigo and a frozen shoulder and damaged ligaments. Little had improved my pain which had left me feeling low and frustrated. My daughter Sarah recommended Kikoh Reiki and set up a session with Mike. I had nothing to lose but did not expect too much. I relaxed the minute I entered the comfortable calm set up in the treatment room and the beautiful aroma of oils. Mike did not ask what the problem was but explained how the session would proceed and was thoroughly professional.

The results of the session surpassed all expectations and I could not believe that such a non invasive therapy could possibly have had such an amazing effect. I could feel the effect immediately but within a week I was physically and mentally on a road to recovery. I could not wait for a second session and after those two I was back in my car driving within a few weeks. I have recommended the therapy to any friends who have had similar problems. I cannot thank Mike and Kikoh Reiki enough.

Mairead McHugh

Holistic Massage Therapist at Dublin Holistic Centre


I would highly recommend a reiki treatment with Mike. The treatment is extremely relaxing and also energising. Felt completely revitalized afterwards and a totally new person to who I was on arrival after a stressful day.. Mike is a very professional therapist and has a gift of making everyone feel at ease . He also shares knowledge and educates each client about the wonders of reiki.

Susan Weldon

na at na


Mike has provided a great service for myelf, colleagues and friends on many occasions. He is a committed, dedicated professional pushing the boundaries in thinking and in therapies with a view to inspiring his clients and I would recommend the reiki experience he provides very highly.

Laura Lee-Conboy

Freelance Media Professional


Mike is extremely professional while at the same time building a friendly rapport. I would recommend him highly to anyone who is hoping to experience some Reiki, especially for the first time

Lisa Deignan

Web Developer at Lionbridge


Mike has an incredible ability to bring about relaxation & healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Highly recommended.

Declan McComsky

Sound Engineer/Producer at a12audio


Cant recommend Mike Mannix /Kikoh Reiki highly enough,have had a number of sessions with him and the difference after each one was nothing short of amazing,a small price to pay for feeling this good

Laura Dunne

Creator, Owner and Director at Speak From The Hip


Its a pleasure to recommend Mike Mannix as a Reiki therapist. I recently had a Ki-pod session with him and it was a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing experience. Mike has put lots of thought and effort into creating an all encompassing therapy and it shows. I felt amazing afterwards and I'm looking forward to the next one! The Ki-pod sessions would make an ideal gift for anyone who needs a relaxing, reviving break from daily stresses.

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