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FAQ 1/11

1. Can I book Online?


Yes. Please click on the booking tab to make your appointment. Please note that dates with 'Confirmed' displayed means the appointments are already booked.


2. What is Energy Medicine?


Its the diagnostic therapeutic use of human Ki/Bio energy! Energy medicine involves the use of different frequencies (FIR Far Inferred Energy) and waveform's emitted from human palms, that stimulate the repair and regeneration of one or more tissues, creating more harmony and balance.


3. What is Reiki?


Kikoh Reiki is a profoundly efficient natural organic hands on healing technique from Japan, that’s non-invasive, and promotes balance, wellness and relaxation, that alleviates the effects of stress related issues. It is suitable to all age's and stage's from new-born babies, pregnant mums to be, senior citizens, and all health situations, from the very sick to the perfectly healthy.


4. What are our exclusive Signiture treatments/Ki-pods & Organic Mind Body Essentials?


Our exclusive Signiture Ki-pod & Organic Mind Body Essential treatments are all encompassing bio-cocoons of pure utter tranquillity, where you will receive five treatments in one amazing session, and will experience deep, energizing, purifying, regenerative stress relief.


Treatments included in Ki-pods are:


Soothing Kikoh Reiki

A blissful Ki essential oil infused head massage

A blissful Ki essential oil infused facial massage

A blissful Ki essential oil infused foot massage (120 minute Ki-pod MAX ONLY)

Acupressure tension release techniques for face and feet

Chakra balancing

Aromatherapy mists



Treatments included in Organic Mind Body Essentials are:


Detoxifying Bio Foot Massage
Soothing 5 Point Scalp Massage
Rejuvenating YLang YLang Facial Massage
Harmonizing Full Body Therapeutic Bio Energy Session
Molton Brown essential essences


5. What can I expect to experience?


You will be in luxurious tranquil organic surroundings

Climate controlled treatment rooms

Convenient central five star location

First class professionalism

Your treatment room will be filled with the aromas of Aromatruth essential oils, Nag Champa incense and Molton Brown essences

You can expect your treatment to be a calming oasis of soothing tranquillity

You will feel soothing waves of calm flowing through you once you're settled into the treatment

Please allow at least ten minutes at the start of the treatment for your mind and body to relax into the treatment

You may feel a light tingling in your arms and legs

You may lucid dreamYou may think quite intensely

You may fall asleepYou may feel a soft radiant heat being emitted from the therapist's hands, whether they are touching you or not

You may feel as though you're sinking into the plinth

You may feel as though you're floating

You will feel very chilled, peaceful and rested at the end of the treatment


6. What are the procedures?


You will be greeted and seated in reception and asked to fill out a client consultation form

You will be escorted to one of our tranquil treatment rooms

You will be laid down fully clothed (minus shoes and socks) on our soft heated plinths and covered with a soft wool blanket

The therapist will be positioned standing behind your head at the beginning of the session and after ten minutes will massage your head and face and gradually work their way (using different hand positions) down along your body, finally reaching your feet. If you are suffering from verrucae or have cuts or sensitive feet, please let us know as we will be unable to proceed with the foot massage

The therapist will tap you lightly on the shoulder to end the session and they will leave the treatment room for a few minutes to allow you to awaken and refresh yourself

When the therapist returns you will be given a glass of water to refresh you and they will answer any questions you may have regarding your experiences in the treatment

Our therapists do not diagnose or interfere with any medical instructions you may have been given


7. What is the booking/cancellation and Positive Rewards Club policy?


All bookings can be made either clicking the booking tab on this website or by telephoning us during the hours of 11am to 6pm and by emailing us. Please also state whether you are redeeming a voucher, and please provide all relevant voucher details + code and expiry date, also your name and mobile number. ALL bookings subject to availability. Please note: late cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full session fee or will have the vouchers cancelled, or will incur a late cancellation fee of 20 euro's. Please make changes to your schedule in advance to allow the slot to be filled. You must make your booking BEFORE your voucher expires! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 


8. Can I purchase online?


Yes, very easily. If you want to purchase any of our products, please click the Shop & Cart tab. When we receive payment we will email you your treatment voucher straight away.


9. Are we members of a regulatory body?


We are full professional members of The Reiki Federation of Ireland and fully adhere to their constitution, rules and regulations. We are members of the Dublin Holistic Centre, and fully comply with their code of ethics.

We are members of the Institute of HeartMath, United States.

We are members of the Brahman Kumaris Worldwide Spiritual University.

We are members of IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation).


10. Are we insured?


We are fully insured by O Brien Finley to teach Reiki and provide treatments.


11. Do we provide Reiki Training in Dublin?


Yes we provide the very best traditional Japanese Reiki training in Dublin City Centre Dublin 2.

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