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DGT - Mindfulness Meditation

This is a comprehensive whole mind body stress relief technique, built for modern professionals and busy individuals looking for work life balance, by honing and optimising their focus edge, clarity of mind & body.

Mike has built and developed DGT-Mindfulness Meditation over the last 20 years, by incorporating alternative and holistic health/traditional Japanese methods, that are blended seamlessly with his own unique style and technique. Its verbally guided and non invasive enabling the mind to wind down completely by hitting the 'zen chill switch', releasing that locked in core tension, resulting in a significantly relaxed sharp and lucid state of mind & body.

Many of our major corporate clients call this ''their secret weapon.'' 

Appointments can be arranged for 1 on 1 or for larger groups/corporate.

RRP: 60 euro 1 on 1 session - 

Groups / corporate contact us directly

This session can be also attended online 40 euro

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