What is Kikoh Reiki?

Kikoh Reiki is an efficient natural organic hands on stress relief technique from Japan, that’s non-invasive, that promotes balance, wellness and relaxation, which alleviates the effects of stress related issues.

It is suitable to all ages and stages from new-born babies, pregnant mums to be, senior citizens, and all health situations, from the very sick to the perfectly healthy. 

Whether you’re a professional looking for that ‘Focus Edge’ or just looking for the ‘Zen Chill Switch’ this is for you. With over 16 years of professional service, and thousands of clients on our books you’re in good hands.

What are the Benefits?

Kikoh Reiki is an excellent natural treatment for pain, stress, sports injuries and bereavement/grief. The deep relaxation reached during a Reiki treatment helps to ease and soothe pain, anxiety and release's any tension in the affected area, resulting in a more harmonious recovery.


Kikoh Reiki is a highly effective multipurpose therapy also ideal for exam stress, insomnia and anyone preparing for a public speaking/high pressure event or sporting occasion, where a lack of confidence, and self-doubt may result in poor performance. Having regular Kikoh Reiki treatments can help people deal with their often hectic stressful lives & schedules.

Many professional people across the world incorporate Reiki into their daily lifestyles and see it as their 'secret weapon' such as world famous dancer 'Michael Flatley' who stated, after he sustained an injury to his legs, "Doctors said I couldn't dance for sixty days but Reiki healed me in four". Reiki is a profoundly powerful and efficient system, that leaves you feeling like you again.

These sessions can also be attended ONLINE remotely 

How does it work then?

A person remains fully clothed covered with a blanket and laid on a plinth/massage table with an eye mask to block out the light. A Reiki practitioner then places their hands either on or off the body, or on the affected area, which releases energy (as a result of the practitioners focused intention) from the palms. It can be felt as heat, pins and needles or waves, and enables the bodies subtle energy (Ki) to flow properly in that area, releasing any pent up tension or stress. This can ease mental, physical, pain or discomfort, roughly in the same way a masseuse pushes and pulls muscles to remove knots and pain, only Reiki practitioners do this energetically, by emitting energy called Far infrared (FIR Waves 4 - 20 Hertz) from their palms, also called human palmar energy or "Kikoh" in Japan and China. (Niwa Institute for Immunology, Tosashimizu, Japan)


The Japanese approach to stress management and relief works on the premise that, the human system isn’t only made up of cells, muscles, bones and skin, it is also made of subtle energy fields emitted from the heart, brain and electrical systems in and around the body that are affected by how we think and feel. So, the way an individual 'thinks' or their thought energy, can create 'brain stress' that affects the way they can feel or 'heart stress' or their emotional energy, which in turn affects the flow of the bodies 'Ki' energy, or Qi, (pronounced Chi in Chinese) that can lead to mental and physical disharmony throughout the whole system over a period of time.


By re-balancing the flow of Ki energy a Reiki practitioner enables the body to alleviate the effects of stress, pain and inflammation, leading to balance and harmony of mind and body. Regular sessions are recommended to achieve this balanced state (our Reiki bundle packages work out cheaper than 1 off sessions click here)


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