Shoden Reiki Level 1 Training Course

Shoden Reiki Level 1 Course

Certified Reiki Intensive - can also be attended ONLINE

This certified Reiki intensive course is usually a one on one training dynamic with the emphasis 100% on the practical hands on aspects. You will have sufficient time to learn engage and practice utilising your Ki energy, and you will be guided in how to administer self-treatments to reduce stress, pain and induce lucid thinking and clarity of mind.


This Reiki training course is based on the rock solid foundations of Traditional Japanese Reiki and you will leave fully confident in how to work with your Ki energy, able to feel it and practice Reiki sessions on yourself, friends and family if you wish.


At the end of the course you will be emailed your certificate and given access to the student Dropbox folder which contains the full workbook manual and audio files. Your name will also be added to the Student Reiki share roster. We hold Reiki shares 2/3 times a month in the centre to allow you to practice your technique and share sessions with other students and to discuss any queries anyone may have.

The course fee is 140 euro to attend ONLINE

The course fee is 140 euro to attend in the studio

Please note that a deposit of 100 euro must be placed in order to secure your place

(important - these courses are strictly non angelic/new-age)



This is a specialised Reiki training course based on the rock solid foundations of Traditional Japanese Reiki coupled with modern discoveries in science and life coaching techniques. 


Shoden Reiki Level 1 is a Japanese word that means 'first teaching' and as the name implies is the first step on the path of self-discovery and mastery. This ancient Japanese skill can be appreciated over the course of a weekend workshop, and is very easy to learn, and with practice you'll get the hang of the basics. You will learn how to use hand techniques called Tenohira that will enable you to tap into your inner potential power, or Ki energy. This energy which can be felt as heat being released from the palms, enables you to balance your bodies energy or Ki. By utilising these hands positions on yourself or others, allows it to alleviate the effects of stress, pain and inflammation!


You will be attuned (Reiju) to the first Reiki level (Shoden) and will share in the wonder of sensing and experiencing your own bio field, and gaining an understanding about the Japanese Ki energetic system and also Chakras (energy points on the spinal column)(non-traditional).


You will be given plenty of time to practice and absorb all hand techniques (Teate, Tenohira) and be comfortable navigating around your body for self healing, as well your family friends and pets (everything that lives biologically has a corresponding bio field).  


You also will be learning about the 5 precepts (Gokia) and the traditional Japanese history of Reiki and shown practice ways of energizing water, food and plants.


Kikoh Reiki's Traditional Japanese training courses offer you the opportunity to re - discover your true potential.  It's a way of thinking, of being, of becoming. It's a responsibility to oneself, to your true nature, it's a way of life.


We actively encourage our students participation in our continuous learning environments, and, usually every 4 weeks, there are Reiki shares with past pupils and people with a like-minded nature, in the Dublin Wellness Centre, where you are very welcome to join in giving and receiving Reiki treatments, and enhancing your technique.

With any learning programme it is a continuous endeavour and to remember the workshop is only the first step.


Our training programmes are fun dynamic, modern and reflect Usui Mikao's (Founder) original philosophy and approach.

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