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Traditional Reiki Session

Discover the incredible benefits of Reiki for various aspects of your well-being:

  1. Reiki for Sports Injuries: Accelerate your recovery.

  2. Reiki for Pain and Nerve Pain: Find relief and healing.

  3. Reiki for Stress and Anxiety: Restore calm and balance.

  4. Reiki for Low Energy Levels: Replenish your vitality.

  5. Reiki for Focus, Lucid Thinking & Clarity of Mind: Enhance mental acuity.

For those going through challenging times:

  1. Reiki for Bereavement and Breakups: Find solace and emotional strength.

  2. Reiki for Emotional Balance: Regain emotional equilibrium.

  3. Reiki for Chakra Balance: Harmonize your energy centers.


  • Single Session: €65 (Also available online/distant for €50)

  • Bundle of 4 Reiki Sessions: €200 (Save €60)

  • Bundle of 2 Reiki Sessions: €110 (Save €20


       Please note: Our award-winning Reiki courses adhere to Traditional Japanese Reiki principles and exclude any angelic or new age methodologies.

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